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Front Row since 1998

When we were looking for a location for our store in 1998 we fell in love with the neighborhood around the Charlottenburger castle. The bright corner store on Schustehrusstraße was to build the foundation for the selection of high-quality frames and sunglasses with excellent lenses, which we aim to offer our customers.

Schloßstraße, middle promenade, 27.03.2008, Photo: Raimund Müller, Source: berlin.de (http://bit.ly/2sNWhrL)
Lenses, Glasses and Contact Lenses

The correct lenses determine the quality of vision. That’s why we make no compromises: best quality from ZEISS.
For the ideal alignment and individual production of the thinnest and lightest lenses, we use ZEISS VideoInfralSystem.
For special lenses we can also resort to various non-standard firms.


Frames must deliver what they promise. High wearing-comfort, longevity, good workmanship and beauty of form are the criteria for our selection.


Contact lenses are individually fitted by a licensed optometrist. With this process your health is of utmost importance to us. We will fit you with either soft or hard contact lenses depending on your needs.

Glasses for Kids

In our glasses shop for kids, called »Schloßgespenster« we focus on the wishes of kids and their parents. The big selection of fun, colorful, robust and child-suitable glasses can make the first pair of glasses a delight.

Manufacturers and vendors

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